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Refined Products Berth

Berth # 6 has bollards spaced at 21.5 m intervals. The jetty fendering consists of solid rubber, cylindrical fenders of 1.5 m length and 1.0 m diameter spaced at 10.5 m intervals.

Mooring Arrangements:

1. Vessels may moor in either direction at Pilot’s discretion.

2. The actual “tie-up” will be 3, 3 & 2 Fore & Aft. (3 Head/Stem lines, 3 Breast lines & 2 Springs).

3. Maximum permitted length overall 780 feet/238 metres.

4. Maximum bow or stern distance to manifold 390feet/119metres.

5. Maximum draft is 12 metres and maximum beam 45 metres.

6. Maximum arrival displacement not to exceed 60,000 tonnes.

7. Maximum depth of water at Berth 13.0 m.

8. Extreme care should be taken to tend moorings and gangway, especially in North Westerly winds.

9. Ship’s gangway to be used.

Vessel to maintain watch on VHF channel 11.

Mooring and unmooring operations are on 24 hours basis. The use of 2 tugs is mandatory for berthing and un-berthing at this Berth.

Loading Arrangements:

1. A & B represent 8” loading arms for Heavy fuel oil.

2. C & D represent 8” loading arms (E = 12") for other products. (White Oils)

3. The pumping rates are as follows:

4. Heavy fuel oils 1300 m³/hour with two loading arms and 650 m³/hour with one loading arm.

5. White oils 1100 m³/hour with two loading arms and 550 m³/hour with one loading arm.

Vessels fitted with inert gas must arrive fully inerted. Mandatory inerting is as follows: 

ProductInerting requirements
Mogas 90 Ron (Unleaded)Yes - mandatory
Mogas 97 Ron (Unleaded)Yes - mandatory
Jet A-1Yes - mandatory
Fuel Oil CST 180Preferable but not mandatory
Fuel Oil CST 380Preferable but not mandatory
Gas OilPreferable but not mandatory

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