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BERTH # 16:


Length of Berth 250 meters
Max LOA 230 m
Min LOA 110 m
Min freeboard 2.0 m (at all times)
Max water depth 13.0 m (extends up to 50 m to the north east of the berth)

Mooring of 10,000 – 50,000 DWT tankers is possible.

Mooring Arrangements:

    1. Vessels moor in either direction at Pilot’s discretion.

    2. The actual “tie-up” will be 3,3 & 2 Fore & Aft. (3 Head/Stern Lines, 3 Breast Lines & 2 Springs).

    3. Berthing and un-berthing on 24 hour basis.

    4. Ships gangway to be used. Vessel to maintain watch on VHF channel 11.

QAFAC loading equipment is located northern half of the Berth, immediately north of the centerline of the Berth, and extends about 40 meters north. There is a centrally located crane of 1000-kg SWL at maximum reach, to handle loading hoses. The hook height is 12.8 m max, and 1.7 m at its lowest position. Maximum reach from centerline of crane to tip is 22 meters. Loading area is illuminated.

Methanol/MTBE max. Loading rate 2500 m3/hr on 4 hoses - 8 inch dia. ANSI 150, RF flanged ends. Hose weight, each section: 205 kg, each section is 10 m long.

Utility nitrogen is available on Berth.

Main fire fighting agents available are foam, powder and water for use on the Berth.

No sanitary facilities are available on the Berth.

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