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Medical Services

Emergency Area

The emergency area of the clinic is open 24 hrs. a day 365 days a year. We have ambulance and emergency nurses on standby within the clinic at all times and a doctor available 24 hrs a day. We are equipped with all the required equipment and drugs for any medical or cardiac

emergency. We are also equipped to ensure that any trauma patients are treated appropriately whilst awaiting transfer to Hamad General Hospital Trauma Centre which is the main emergency referral centre for the country.

If you are in need of emergency assistance within the community area, DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL 999 AND ASK for the AMBULANCE.

Emergency Telephone number for MMC is 44772155

If you are within Industrial area then please call NGL EMERGENCY CONTROL ROOM 44774242 AND ASK FOR THE AMBULANCE.
Within QP Refinery proper – the Emergency numbers are – Fire&Safety Control Room – 44776666/6222 & Clinic 44223010


We have a very well experienced and qualified nursing section that is able to provide a large number of services some of which are listed below with the doctors and other departments within the clinic we are offering:

Diabetic Clinic; This clinic is designed to ensure that all diagnosed diabetics attending our clinic have the opportunity to get expert advice, check ups and monitoring to try and ensure their best possible health. Diabetes is a life long problem and requires follow up for life; please make an appointment via reception for your check up.

ime: 7. AM to 2:00 PM Tuesday

Ante Natal Clinic:
This clinic is designed to monitor mother and baby’s health throughout the early stages of pregnancy. Attendance is required on a regular basis to ensure any problems are picked up early and hopefully prevent them from causing any serious harm. As soon as you know you might be pregnant please come and see us to make the necessary arrangements and appointments

Time: 7 AM –2:00 & 3 – 8:00 MONDAY

Well Baby Clinic:
This clinic is there to monitor your baby’s growth and development, answer any questions you may have about your baby and to offer to you and your baby all the standard immunizations that the state of Qatar provide for all the children here.

Time: 7 AM – 2:00 & 3 - 9:00 PM Wednesday.

Minor Surgical procedures: The staff provide for minor operations and small procedures can be performed after consultation with the doctor.

As well as the dedicated clinics above the nurses prove the many following services alongside the other professionals within the clinic:

    • Dressings of wounds and injuries,
    • Giving tetanus immunizations as appropriate
    • Aiding suturing of cuts.
    • Removal of foreign bodies from eyes and ears.
    • Ear syringing for wax removal.
    • Blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring as appropriate.
    • Medical treatments as directed such as Intravenous fluids etc.


TIME: Once a week, 7 AM - 2 PM Monday

Mesaieed Medical Center is proud to announce the opening of an Asthma Clinic.
The goal of the clinic is to provide optimum care for all asthma patients in line with best standards of care.

The Services provided by the clinic are as follows:
Initial evaluation of newly diagnosed and follow up Asthma cases
Asthma education
Objective assessment of our Asthma patients
Monitoring Asthma symptoms
Provide regular follow ups
Counseling about Asthma medications

Kindly refer patients with Acute/Chronic Asthma / suspected Asthma cases to MMC Asthma clinic, if any. A direct referral is OK.

For appointment and queries please contact Anila Iype or Eclet Stephen on 44773397/44773360
on Mondays - 44773342 from 0700 hrs to 1500 hrs (Asthma Clinic Room)



Mesaieed Medical Center is proud to announce about the Diabetic Clinic expansion and offering the services 3 times a week with full diabetic check up.
The goal of the clinic is to provide optimum care for all diabetic patients in line with best standards of care.

The Services provided by the clinic are as follows:
Initial evaluation of newly diagnosed and follow up diabetic cases
Diabetic education

Foot assessment
Eye check up

Foot Doppler and abi

Diabetic diet education and life style
Provide regular follow ups
Counseling about diabetic medication and diet

Diabetic profile /lab request

Managing the diabetic foot ulcer and referred if need to HMC specialist

Kindly refer patients with Diabetic / pre diabetes cases to MMC Diabetic clinic, if any. A direct referral is OK.

For appointment and queries please contact Ms. : Souzan El.Sayed on 44773320 / 44773375
on days mentioned above - from 0700 hrs to 1400 hrs (Diabetic Clinic Room) No : 10


Most of the major companies in the industrial countries employ Occupational Doctors and Nurses. The task of the occupational health team is not only to treat occupational health

related illness, but also to ensure that the work is suitably adapted to the physiological and psychological capacities of the workforce and that, conversely the workforce is fit to do the job.

The difference between the occupational team and the primary health care team is that they are constantly aware of the work/health relationship. The services provided include:

    • Apply health management policy
    • Preventive, protective and control
    • Risk assessment
    • Health surveillance
    • Training, education and information
    • Monitoring
    • Pre-employment assessment
    • Pre-Leave
    • Periodical Examinations

Physiotherapy services are offered to all Mesaieed residents, NGL and QP Refinery personnel, contractors and sub-contractors.

Physiotherapy is accessed by a referral from a Medical Doctor.

Physiotherapy Hours:

Sunday to Thursday 7:00 A.M - 3:00 P.M

The physiotherapist books appointments either in person at the physiotherapy dept or by phoning 4477-3337.

The first appointment will be an initial assessment followed by treatment. Treatment may consist of manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, exercise and education. Treatment sessions will last from 30 to 60 minutes. Ongoing appointments will be booked as required.


The radiology department offers a comprehensive service to all our patients. Our service extends to all Mesaieed residents, personnel at NGL and QP Refinery, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Joint Ventures and Visitors.

Services include the following:

    • X-Ray - Offers all routine radiographic exams including
Medical check-up and all emergencies from 7am to 10 pm on
Weekdays with limited coverage over the weekends.
    • Ultra sound- Ultra sound facility is available on alternate Mondays / Wednesdays. (Subject to change)
by appointment. Appointments are arranged (with referral from medical officer) at Nurses Station in the emergency section of the clinic.


We cater for a wide range of patients. We attempt to supply a range of medicines
that would meet every need of our patients and we review and upgrade our service and available medicines regularly to ensure that we keep abreast of the latest treatment trends in the fast changing and progressive medical and pharmaceutical industries.

As many of our patients pay for their medicines, we also attempt to bring to them, the best treatment at affordable cost.

We always advise our patients on the use of all their medications to ensure that they get the dosages correct and thus maximum benefit from the prescribed treatment.
The Pharmacy at Mesaieed Medical Center is open to all patients for six days a week.
We do not open on Fridays but emergency patients have been catered for by the provision of medicines to our Emergency Room.

On Saturdays we are open from 7am to 11am and again in the afternoons from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Sunday through Thursday, the Pharmacy is open from 7am to 10pm.


The laboratory facility extends to the
Mesaieed community and to personnel working at NGL and QP Refinery. Generally the laboratory services cover various sections including haematology, biochemistry, microbiology, serology and immunology. The list of examinations is too long to mention here, but mainly it covers the following tests:

    • Pre employment
    • Pre leave
    • Routine follow up for patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes and hypertension…
    • Antenatal screening and follow up
    • Well baby clinic
    • Primary Health Care for employees, contractors and their dependants
    • Emergency cases
Laboratory Hours:

    0700hr – 1330hr – Sunday – Thursday (1330hr – 1500hr Results and Info ONLY)

    0700hr – 1100hr - Saturday EMERGENCY ONLY

It is always advisable to refer to the laboratory staff to enquire whether prior preparation is required for that particular test and the best time to attend the laboratory to complete the test. In addition, to save time, it is a good idea to telephone the laboratory directly on 4773322 or call the Reception on 4773333 to ensure that your test results are available before re-visiting the doctor. Implementation of new machines and a computerized system has ensured quicker access to lab results. This will definitely improve the quality, quantity and accuracy of the tests and help in better diagnosis for the patients in much less time.


Three dentists and one dental hygienist staff the dental department within the medical Centre, and their services are available for all residents of Mesaieed and all the QP staff working in Mesaieed. They provide the following services:

    • Fillings& extraction
    • Root Canal Treatment
    • Scaling & Polishing
    • Crowns, Bridges and Partial dentures
There are reasonable charges made for the services in line with other Primary Dental Clinics elsewhere in the country.

The dentists are Dr. Allam N. Kanan who is covering for QP staff, Dr. Diana and Dr. Nada for both QP and Non-QP employees and their dependents. Michal Lopez is for check up and Oral Prophylaxis for QP & Non QP employees and their families. All speaking Arabic & English.

Opening Hours: From 7.00 am to 2.30 pm 11.00 am to 6.00 pm except weekends. Appointments can be obtained from respective clinics.

Telephone Numbers:

44773381(Dr.Allam), 44773382 (Michal Lopez), 44773383 (Dr.Diana), 44773384 (Dr.Nada)

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